Blast from the Past SSW05

Sure I was there, and it was a great course up until the first time check. After that, who cares?
This Single Speed World Championship was in my former backyard of State College Pennsylvania, so I was geeked to go. And of course I made the right decision, to drive from the land of 10,000 lakes. After some glances from my travel mates I had to give up on driving my soft top jeep and instead we packed into the comfort of a Honda Element. 17 hours later, and we arrived.

First stop was in Pittsburgh, a night on the town, a jaunt through fabulous Frick Park and then bedding down in the house of that nights benefactor.
I won't talk about the racing that went on in State collides PA, fuck I have no idea what happened in the race.

There were a lot of people there. Many dressed in lots of lycra, definitely ready for a race. A big part of the group seemed like they spent their effort throwing down the night before. The division of the group was really apparent when the race started with a half Mile RUN. Ridiculous! Life or death I can't run a city block. The gun goes off and the field split; half the pack running and the other half didn't move at all for a minute or two then slowly started working there way around the course. Then the race ended. Then there were go carts. And that was fun, then some sitting around. Then a little more.

That night gotta a little more crazy. Its not like we split the town in two but for an hour or so anarchy ruled. A tremendous skid contest was preceded by a nice sized derby.
It was fun then we drove back.
Don't expect this many words in any other post. Its just a test.

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