Its a cold hard world filled with Disapointment

I am reminded of a famous quote made by Ben Franklin, "I wanna be buried in the ground next to my wagon in Gutenburg". I am not sure what this meant then but now it has a special meaning for me.
You may have heard the news, the Bear and I along with two mates; Bernie and Ryan went to Gutenburg to claim the ESS Bus. The journey was filled with bad omens and we new the future was bleak.
Soon after slipping her birth the ESS Bus showed signs that she would not weather this journey. A thousand fires broke out across her decks she heaved and heaved some more. We had a tug try and pull her through the stormy sea's; and the chain held but even in calmer waters we had to face the truth. She was taking on land and there was nothing we could do. Bear made the deciasion that any good Captain would make. It was time to scuttle the ship.

Bear pulled the drain plug and the earth started pouring in. In the last picture you can see her listing just before I got clear of her. Then her bow went down, her keel cracked and the stern smacked the earth making a sound like thunder. The she diapeared beneath the deep blue corn forever.
Then we had a fantastic sandwhich in Gutenburg, fuck that was tasty.

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