2005 is quickly coming to an end...

2005 has been a big year for Goathork.com. Yeah we have been there all along, lurking in the shadows... waiting... planning and plotting. You had no reason to fear, as far as you knew things would always be the same. Then it happened, in 2004 we started this page.
Ok, ok. I have been trying to hold back. I can't anymore. Here goes, "Weather People suck!". WTF, I can not believe how fucking wrong these ass hats can be. When I woke up on Saturday the weather channel was saying, "30% of flurries". It said the same thing all day, hey ass holes! It never stopped snowing. Its not like rocket science, fuck its barely gambling.
As I see it, forecastors have to be the very bottom of a long list. I think I could guess correct 65% more often then these schmucks. Part of the problem is that these guys are leading a very boring life. And when I say boring I mean whatching re-runs of old VHS tapes of the longest games of RISK in history. Yeah that kind of boring.
Damn, now I won't be able to sleep tonight. GO ride your bike and leave me alone. Expect something cool and big on Goathork tomorrow in the evening. I got plans!

PS If you found spelling errors on this page, your mother sucks!!

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