Goathork needs your help!

How can I get a lot of hate mail? I go to sites that have tons of hate mail and it cracks me up! I ask my self, "Do I have what it takes to do that?". Few things are funnier. I am a big fan of this one;

"you are one terrible person,enjoying baby seals being killed how bad can you get, just think how those seals feel when they first get hit wiht a club thinking that that daywas the last day they would ever live I mean come on there are other ways to make yourself happy unless you HAVE NO LIFE have you ever thought what other people may think of you wanting seals to be killed, I know that I think that you are one JERK, you must have no life. why don't you put yourself in a baby seals position when it is about to be killed just think how you would feel knowing that you will not be able to live your live as full as what you could.well I think I am daone and if I am not I will just write again and tell you off some more "


If you really want to see the full power of hate mail, go here! God dammit I could read this shit all day. So I need your help. Please help me t0 find an outlet for my needs.

"It's a crime that even in a time like this, that sickos like you should be allowed to preach your hate. The Lord may forgive but I would just as soon send you over to Iraq and let the terrorists have you! We will see who is laughing then!"

Ha, fucking more brilliant!

So this is what I need; I need something really offensive that has something to do with my love of bicycles and goats. Whatcha got? Offensive@goathork.com

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