I am a marketing Genious!

Ok, bare with me here, this could take a minute. I am a marketing genius, its true. I watch a lot of TV and I really pay attention. Sure, sure... I hear your sighs. But there is a lot to learn from TV, you just have to pay attention and use your head. Most of you can stop here; you just don’t have what it takes to go on.
Has anyone seen the commercial for the “Homedics Shitzu Massager”? It’s a really bad commercial. Go watch your TV till it’s on then come back and finish reading this.
I was right huh? It was dumb. Now picture the commercial but inject these changes. Instead of the guy in the chair being a nobody, it should be Christopher Reeve. So there is some narrator prattling on about how great this thing is and what a wonderful massage it gives, lots of hi-tech animation and stuff to show you it’s true. Now the guy in the chair is a slightly drooling emotionless Christopher Reeve (the guy from Superman). As the commercial drones on Chris’s face becomes more animated. Slowly he sits up straight and by the end of the commercial he stands up and says, “Wow, that’s a great massage!”
I am fucking brilliant.
Of course you would have to use special effects to make Christopher Reeve walk but they can do anything these days.

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Blogger required field said...

Brilliant, but also terrifying considering CR is dead. Maybe some sort of human puppet show thing would work.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where are your udpdates? blogs aren't interesting enough to warrant lingering posts. there's a piece of a pretzel at my cube today, and i have not had a pretzel in years.

-Octavius Sphincteronious

12:29 PM  

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