deet deet deet this just in....

Today a friend of the goats has been voted into a position of power down at the pond. This has the geese very nervous since the crows have been seeking to destroy the geese for many seasons. Here you can see a standoff between a young crow and a goose near the west bank stream crossing. The herd has gotten together and its our belief that the crows will push for liberation of their side of the pond. The Geese should definately be afraid but I think the crows will use their power in a respectful manner. The crow has always had to fight at the pond for an equal say. Now that the crow has been given the power to make a difference it is likely they will use words instead of beaks to solve their problems. This is of course as long as the geese don't seize the contraversial crows empowerment as a reason to stop the peace process. The gees will learn a valuable lesson here either way.

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