Letters from home

Some people ask me, "Hey you! Are you really from Pittsburgh?". To which I have to say, yes I am.

This is Deige, thats how the locals say DJ. DJ is short for DonJason, his given first name. I ask Deige what he thought about the world around him. This is what he had to say:

"Yinz think jano sumpin? yinz don't know donkey-doo! I think yinz might be a bunch of davenport surfing nebby bithes. yinz see this hair? It beutiful anna women love it. So quit wit da cowboy fag stuff and gitouttatheroad. I need to git some new pants."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jusss go dahn to pants an at!!!!
Love you, Big Brother :)

1:20 PM  

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