Proof of the danger...

If you live in the Minneapolis area you need to make haste with the following precautions!
  1. Send your daughter to stay with relatives.
  2. Put the cat on birth control pills.
  3. Bury all your food at a depth of at least 2ft deep in the back yard.
  4. Cover your couch with old magazines, you must totally abstruct it from view.
  5. Burn any record albums.
  6. Immediately after reading this you must smash your TV remote.

CARTER is here!!! He will stay at your house if you let him in, once you invite him in you will be powerless to refuse him. He will make his home on your couch eat all your food and drink your beer. Protect yourself! Carter; aka the Iowegian Sucubus will show no mercy.

Good night and good luck!

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