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Fuck cops! You a cop? Fuck you. I have been afraid of cops all my life. I have been on the wrong side of the law at times, its true. Hell, as a criminal I was treated better by cops than I have been as a civilian. I like to think that I am pretty cop friendly, I know that most cops are frustrated and upset because they are constantly hiding the fact that they are Nazi Homosexuals. And I know that most of them are helplessly addicted to cocaine that they steal from evidence lockers. And I don't judge them for that. But I do wanna say, "Hey fuckstick!! I am the good guy!". Day in and day out I have to hear the story of someone on a bicycle being fucked with or ignored by a cop in their time of need.
I have never seen a cop be a nice guy (or women). I have many of times seen a cop be a total heartless jackass. I was recently treated like shit by a few cops in Wisconson (my next post will be titled "Fuck Wisconson"). I had just wrecked my car, I was hurt, I was bleeding and yes... the man of steel was vulnerable. It was the scariest thing I have ever been through, and when the cops showed up they were heartless BASTARDS. Now I didn't expect a hug, but I didn't expect to be treated like a criminal either.
I see this as a reacurring theme with the boys (and gurls) in blue. Seems that as I get older they get meaner. Its like in Fahrnhiet 451. Soon I expect that when officer Montag shows up at the seen he will shoot you and burn the evidence. How many dirty cop stories do you see on the TV. Cops looting and beating up people in New Orleans. Rodney King, does that ring a bell. What about Martin Riggs? That guy was a fucking loose cannon. Do you thinks cops ever watch TV? Do you think they think, "Nice work! That fucking jackass deserved it!"? I know if I was a cop and I saw shit like that I would want people to know I was better than that. I would even go a step further, I would want people to notice I was better. They would say things like, "wow, I feel safe around that guy." or "He isn't gonna beat me to death and steal my bike, I like him and he makes me wanna be a better person!".
I don't think there are any good cops. Dog the boutny hunter is a good person. I wish more cops were like him.
Cops and rich people suck!

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