I have always wanted to change my name to Catfish...

I think I was about 16 or so when I started working for my landlord, mowing lawns and cleaning the woodshop after work. Mostly just work a kid you didn't trust could do. Having just got outa St Michaels School for Boys located in scenic tunkhannock Pennsylvania, I was happy to have a few bucks in my pocket.
It was a job based on crap, mainly me doing a bunch of stupid work that you couldn't get a full fledged convict to do. Mow this, sweep that, total crap. But since idle hands are the playthings of the devil, and I was still a ward of the court, there were many interested in keeping me outa the devils hands and that meant that I spent a lotta time working.
Well one day I was out mowin a yard at one of the many rental properties, and walaa!!! There she was! I knew she had to be mine.( As I look back on it now I realize that I have never named this beuty that would mean so much to me so soon. So in hindsight I cristen her May-lin.) So there in front of me is the rustiest, most incomplete and possibly the most forgotten lawn tractor ever. It was only half visible from where I stood, I moved the old paint cans that covered the other half and there she was in all her glory. Well I talked to the landlord and he said I could have it. He even helped me load it in a truck so I could get it home (I was planning on pushing it along the highway for 11 miles).
May-lin was just the thing my life needed at this time. Her mower deck had rusted away, and she had no seat; but anyone with any vision would be able to look at her and see the poptential.
She was rust with black and rust accents. A rusty white Briggs and a Stratton engine. It didn't take long before I had the engine running, purring like a kitten choking on a condom. Then I made a seat out of an old Milk Crate, it was really sweet. I cut what was left of the mowing deck off and tried to remove the blade but it was rusted in place. So I spun the blade till a little stuck out on either side of the tractors frame, grabbed the hack saw and went to work. It took a few hours but I had to put safety first. I cut each protruding stub of blade off, leaving only about 6 inches of rusty blade remaing, but that was safely tucked (and spinning) outa sight.
Working on May-lin was really having an affect on me. The long hours of the previous 2 days really started to change me. In my mind I was imagining the trips, loading up all my stuff onto the little rack I had installed and heading toward the sunset. Although a trip like that in Pittsburgh is always doomed for failure, there are no straight lines so you will never make it to the sun unless you luck into it.
Soon enough she was running strong. Hitting as much a 10mph on smooth pavement. you really started to feel her charms when you had her in low gear (she had to gears, on was high). In low she might do 3 or 5 max, but the traction was incredible! May-lin's tires (4) were awesome, they were the only part of her that touched the ground, and they were pneumatic! It was cool, they were so stiff that when I went off road I would leave all the air out.
Just wait till I tell you about the trails!!

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tell us about the trails!

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