Fruita took a lot outa me...

But now I am back!
So as you probably know I am working down at the CRC this morning, things are movin pretty good, but its been a lousy morning for tips. Case in point; a guy comes in, buys a scone. $185, comes to $198 with tax, and he pays with a twenty. Cool, $18.02 back at-cha!
So he grabs the scone, we smile at each other, he drops .02 in the tip jar and takes the walk.
Are you serious? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? $.02?
No tip is fine, but now you make me ask the question, "are you literally giving me your two cents worth?". Did I do something wrong? Did you think, nice work, here let me reward you with this!
Tipping is no joke! If you have made a decision to not tip, you are a horrible person. I just want to clue you in on something, if you are the kind of person that does not tip or you think being a good tipper is a sign of weakness, there is a 90% chance your friends don't really like you and you will probably die alone.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The customer was a non tipper, but he doesn't like pennies. Rather than throw the pennies into the trash, he put them where they might have some chance of doing good. Besides, a $1.02 tip seems a tad steep on $1.98.

1:36 PM  

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