I am a fuel injected suicide machine!!!!!!!!!

Ok, its carburated. And its a two cycle that burns leaded gas. But it gets 150 miles to the gallon, thats good right?
I just wanna make sure we have a couple things straight;
  1. This is a Moped, not a scooter. Moped's are totally down with the blue color working man. You still pedal it and its still work. Its not what the bourgious, fashion conscious scooterphiles are showin off. ITS NOT A SCOOTER.
  2. I know the emissions aren't as good as your custom rainbow flag painted mini, but you are gonna get as tired of your mini as I am of your mini in no time. Then your out $24,000 and I still only spent $250.00 on my ride. And you look just as silly as I do when we cruise down the street.
  3. This machine was made in 1978, that means its probably older than that young upstart that produces your favorite reality TV show. Ever here the phrase respect your elders? Or how about "they don't make them like they used to"? Or make you heard this old addage, "Go get bent shitbag!!" I'm done with you!!

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