What the fuck?

How hard is it for a person to not be a stuffed shirt? It seems like I am surrounded by people that are being propped up by their fellow asshats. These people stand tall totally surviving on the merits of their reputations. And the reputations are created by the people that they intern prop up on their reputations. You know who I am talking about. Try and think of someone that is said to be good at something, but you see no evidence of it. Thats them.
What does all this mean? The answer is two fold.
One, part of my life is spent manuevering around people that are not good at anything other than convincing other people that aren't good at anything that they can do something. Its terrible. These people fail the equivelent of changing an emotional lightbulb, but yet they are trying to help those around them.
The second part of the answer is, they are assholes.
Being an asshole is a pyramid scam. thats right, everytime you meet an asshole, odds are they are just the base of a giant pyramid of assholes.
So next time you encounter an asshole, kick'em. This is the only way to topple the pyramid.
The real problem with this whole scenerio is that decent people enable them. If you say things like, "I don't vote cause it doesn't matter" or "Its not my place to get involved" then you are whats called and "asshole minor". Soon your personality will wither up and you will graduate into being a major asshole.
I pledge to you that if an asshole asks me what I think, I will let them know the whole story. And I hope you will too, cause otherwise you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

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