I've gon an done it now...

I put in my notice at QBP. October 31st will be my las day with Quality Bicycle Products.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian, Good man. Good times. Thanks a million for going to bat for me with QBP for my little shop - it saved my ass - I'm on hold 'till I make some changes rather then just canned.
I've always looked at interbike and FFTF as bike fun but more importantly people fun & interaction. Its the people that make the culture, not my shop or a company or anything like that. You make that culture. Thank You. Keep it real, keep it clean and rock the fuckin' house. And if you want an implant, abutment and a crown I can rock that fly shit for ya' any time
Dr. Jon

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Jon has so tenderly said what we were all thinking: Get a tooth.

Way to go Jon, ya insensitive ass.

Seriously B, you won't be out of the deal just because you're out of the Q. Now back to staring at pictures of Carter's girlfriend...

12:09 PM  
Blogger Snakebite said...

Whatcha gonna do?

4:23 PM  

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