Sushi anyone?

So I am in Vegas, eating Sushi at the "Social House", its a nice shi shi kinda place. Its the kinda place where the staff really goes all out to make you happy. You just look at your glass and they are there to fill it. Pulling your chair out and putting your napkin out for you, that kind of place.
So there I am , eating some awesome sushi and in walks a Japanese lady. The hostess was leading her to the Sushi bar but not saying much. The lady had a look on here face like she didn't know what was going on. Then her waiter came over and it was obvious she didn't speak english.

On the other side of the Sushi bar are four Japanese guys making sushi. The waiter waives the one closest to me over to him. He comes around the bar and stands next to the lady, and the waiter explains to him that she only speaks Japanese. The chef bends down a little closer to her as she starts to talk to him in Japanese in a very soft tone.
He lightly nods his head as she talks to him; then he looks over towards us, still bent towards her and says, "I don't spean Japanese, I am Hawaian!". True Story.

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