Camera phones are awesome!!!!

So the other night I was out with some friends of mine. It was me, Hahn, Alys, Chaz, and Gryz. We were down at the Dragon's Tooth Pub looking for some kind of qwest to go on. We had just gotten back from slaying a dragon in Muldoor and Alys was in town from Narnia for a week, so we needed a qwest.
Well a qwest we did not find, but Gryz and Chaz found the bottom of many goblets of meade. Let me tell you there are few things funnier than seeing a level three paladin being ridden around by his own horse. There was much laughter and frivolity. We hit the 24hr mutton place down the Old Castle road and then started the journey home. Everyone was staying at my hovel because Chaz was obviously to drunk to ride.
Then outa no where these two slime golems jumped out, a fricken +3 and a +8!!! We all rolled 2 d/20 for initiative, I came up with a 36 and cast a wonderlust spell. Unfortunately Gryz got in the way and they all wondered off together! Shit you should been there.
Alys got this picture of me casting the spell. Pretty badass huh? Well tomorrow we quest to find Gryz.

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