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Dear Abby,
As I know Goathork.com is always seeking to shine upon the timid, sneering masturbators of the world the harsh light of truth, I feel it is my duty to submit for your consideration this video capturing an "EXTREME BIKE CRASH - BIKING DOWN A STAIRCASE AT THE CROWN POINT LIGHTHOUSE !!!!!" It is so tragic as to be cause for slack jawed dumbfoundedness, I'm sure you'll agree. Please consider alerting your loyal readers to the truths about this potentially hazardous type of riding that has so captured the imaginations of our children.

Here is the link.

Thank you,
Glenn Stedtmeyer

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

THIS IS NO JOKE! People are hurt every day riding bicyckles and society doesn't even seem to notice. We must work together to get bicyckles outlawed or at least get safety laws in place, such as requiring all bicyckles to have 4 ! We CAN get this done! Right to your senator now!
Thank you for listening.
-Twyla Donarsky

1:56 PM  

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