I get sappy... so shut up!!!

Goathork has a lot to be thankful for;

  1. A wonderful wife.
  2. A democratic House and Senate, probably useless but its a nice change.
  3. A wonderful group of friends, sure they are mostly assholes, but they are my assholes and they are really good to me.
  4. A kick ass webpage, well you know.
  5. lots of bikes and a big red jeep.

We in the Goathork offices have compiled a list of everything we are thankful for. Its two and a half miles ling and fills most of the reception area of our industrial complex, our receptionist is double checking it for gramatical errors. A large part of the list had to be re-done because Billy (goat) in our accounting office ate a few hundred pages.

Goats are a thankful group.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw. i feel honored to be one of your assholes.

7:44 PM  

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