I would like a medium light roast please...

Everybody in the Midwest wants a medium. Why a medium? I can understand not wanting a small, its to little, but why not a large? Maybe its the words, would it be better if we had leftwing, moderate and right wing? How about Republican, independent and Democrat? If mediums were called "independent" would people order large "democrats" because the medium would be wasting $.35?
How bout a "Tall moderate Republican", is that what all the Christians would order, not because its what they want but because its what their church mandates? What if the "Tall" and "short" actually spoke to fiscal or moral agendas? So a "Tall moderate Republican, would be a fiscal conservative small with room for cream? Or maybe a Tall Rightwing Republican to go, does anyone want that? Of course make it with room for soy. Could you be a pro short, medium half cap?
I don't know...

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