Quit asking, I will tell you what I know... Hypnotic Designs -vs- Chrome knickers...

So, who's knickers are better? Chrome or Hypnotic design? I have a pair of both and I have compared them, now you can benifit from my knowledge. These are some of the things I did;

1. I paid for a pair of each.
2. I wore each pair everday for more than two weeks.
3. I ride my bike in them.

This is what I found to be true.

They are way to expensive, both pair. I am willing to pay the premium price for a specialty item, but they are really pricy. With my current job, I would have to work for about 20 hours to afford a pair of either. Both brands have shit sizing. None of the sizes fit me fit me well and
both brands are to long for me.
I will say that the Chromes feel fresh and clean no matter how many days you wear them, day 14 felt as good as day 3 and they have cargo-esque pockets that my HD's don't. The Chromes just have a better fabic weight.
The Hypnotics have some elastic around the back, this is really nice to prevent a visible butt crack from grossing out your friends while riding and a peice of velvro to keep your wallet in your pocket(I like that a lot). The Hypnotics also have a better pad inside also. They do have an annoying flair at the cuff, this makes them look like manpris.

All in all a pretty equal match up, but niether brand is 100% good, my search for the perfect pair will continue. And I will continue to wear these two pair almost all the time (except for weddings and funerals and stuff like that).

For the ladies these Harlotwear knickers will make your butt look fantASStic and they are a great price. I wish they would make some knickers for boys.

Hypnotic is having a sale on the original Hankster's, I will probably buy a pair.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the old green ones that are on sale are a better material and have cargo pockets. way rad

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you should do a review using the old HD's vs New HD vs Chrome. I LOVE my old HD's. Soft on my juke, and my ass looks great in them!

7:14 PM  
Blogger One Eyed z said...

You are right on the shit sizing of the HD knickers. I bought a pair year or so back. Bought the biggest size.. could hardly get them on. Very uncool. I also have a Haystack jacket and vest... werid sizing there too. The XL jacket is so big that I could have a small goat tied around my waist and have room to spare... the large vest is pretty snug but comfty.

10:17 PM  

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