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So this is the message I got;

I have a question for the Goat Master:
I feel it is my civic duty to volunteer for trail maintenance on the trails where I ride (like donating to NPR since I listen). But every time I visit the MOCA or MORC website forums, the group reps (who moderate the forums and troll them 24/7) and other involved citizens strike me as self righteous hyper-midwestern boring idiots. Long story short, I just can''t get excited about helping with trailwork because I doubt I could be around these people for 10 minutes without seriously considering hurting them. But I still want to help. What to do?

Are you trying to get me in trouble here? Goathork is a small organization that has to pick its battles. If I say anything bad about MORC it will only take 7.632 minuttes for their bulletin boards to light up lambasting me for my negitive comments. Trail Nazi's are a very diverse group, and it can be a tough clique to gain the friendship of. But it's their thang and they get to run it how they like. I know it can be hurtful, and they seem generally less than interested unless there is cash involved.

I would recomend riding with the riders that are MORC and kinda lay the gound work for helping by sneaking in the back door.

I still never recieved my MORC membership t-shirt from a few years ago, I think there might be a break down in the secretarial pool. But I know if I ride the trail with the wrong tire on the wrong day it will only take a few hours to get my physical description and a plaster mold of my tire tracks up on the bulletin boards.

So.. if they wanna protect the trails they have to be tough, thats the bottom line, but I agree they tend to shun outsiders. So try to ride responsibly and tread lightly on the trails and you will be doing your best, a membership in the shovel club isn't the only way to do the right thing.

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