George Bush has last Laugh...

Georgie Boy has been getting a lot of critizism about how he handled North Korea. We know now know his methodology was right on target.
Today N. Korea invaded CRC coffee shop. In reality we found the scale of the one million strong North Korean Army to be somewhat misleading. They are in fact very wee people. The entire army was able to fit in a small moving van. And the nuclear arms that are so talked about were barely able to activate a bag of microwave pop corn at a distance of 1o feet.
They did seem very disaplined, and the invasion was carried out with swiss like clock work. But I was able to repel the invading force with a broom and half a cup of hot tea.
Casualties were high for the North Koreans but I suffered only nominal scratches and scrapes.
In this picture you can see the color guard preparing to accept my terms of surrender.

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