I have always loved IKEA. J-RO and I love to shop there and a large part of our home is decorated with stuff from IKEA. Its also one of our favorite lunch and breakfast stops. It can also serve as a valuable training ground for life.

I get so tired of hearing, "IKEA sells junk", I don't think that's true, it's closer to the truth that you buy junk. I have many nice things in my home from IKEA, I just had to be choosey when buying them.

It's just like TV, you could say Television is no good and there is nothing on; but you would be wrong. You can't say, "I need to get rid of my TV" and then tell me how all you watch is CSI and America's Next Top Timesuck. It's you own Fault.

You are your own worst enemy. You need to put more thought into the decisions you make. You can't say, McDonalds sells bad food, TV is bad and IKEA sells junk without looking at your own responsibility. I like TV and I love IKEA. But all this is not my point; my point is this: IKEA has a great grocery store, look what I got!.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does that say '... smoked roo'??!?? I've never tried Roo but I hear they taste quite gamey.

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