My all inclusive vacation to Endor, Hoth and Tatooine...

So when it came time to go on vacation, I wanted to do something special. Julie wasn't totally psyched about it but we did get to take a ride on a luxary Mon Calamari Cruiser.

Our first stop was Hoth, Julie really wasn't diggin on taking a vacation somewhere so cold. But the Rebel Scum hunting is awesome there this time of year. I dispatched many in the three days we were there. Because of all the pollution caused by the shield genrators you can't eat what you kill here, its totally just for sport. Its a real shame, the Rebels and thier sheild genrators have almost ruined Hoth. The Empire and the clean up efforts they have put into place are really awesome. You hardly ever see a wild Tantan anymore. The Rebels used the Tantan pest as sextoys while they were maintaining secret bases here.

These are some photos of me blasting scum.

Then it was off to endor, we stayed at an old Jedi Shrine that had been turned into a bed and Breakfast, it was pretty awesome. Even J-Ro liked it. The food was
awesome, every night was and Ewok feast, and after they served you your food, you got to eat them. And I got to go on an Ewok hunt too! They bait the trunk of the tree's with screaming Ewok baby's and when the adults come to rescue them, you kill'em!

I did a lot of sniping on Endor, its a target rich environment for sure. The Empire has done a great job of cleaning up the Ewok problem, they shit everywhere and it was killing all the planets, but with Empire control the rainforest here is as healthy as every.

We then finished up our trip with a romantic stay at the Great Pit of Carkoon. We also went Jet packing over the Sarlacc pit. Because the Sarlacc slowly disolves its victums over thousands of years, keeping them alive, we could totaly hear a hundred years of Rebel scum screamin for mercy as we jetted over the pit.
Tatooine is really nice, you could spend an entire vacation there and never feel like your missing anything. The Empire has mooved all the Sand People to Kashyyk were they won't bother anyone. And the Jabba the Hut Memorial Foundation has started many programs to Educate the moisture farmers.
All in all it was an awesome trip and I would recomend it to everyone.

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