My new bike and my dirty basement...

This is my new bike, its almost done! You can't see it very clearly, but on the back is my new FrostRiver bag. My wife salvaged this bike for me from an alley garbage pile and she got me the awesome bag. You can't see it but there is a little picture of her on the stem.
THere are are few touches you might not pick up from the picture;
  1. The Jones bar.
  2. The old Dia Compe break levers, you really have to see these to understand why they are so cool.
  3. The Paul rear brake (I will get a set eventually).

All in all it's gonna be a sweet ride. All it needs is a front hub. (The fork is spaced for 88mm, FUCK!). Thanks for all the help baby. Couldn'ta dun'it wi'dout ya

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