So Brian, what are you up to today?

Thats a question I hear a lot. Today I am slingin coffee and looking through Ebay for things I want. Currently I am bidding on this tasty gem. I have a reprint of it but I would love an older print. If you have never read this; it is a true delight.
When I was a kid I saw a claymation movie based on this book and other biblical observations by Mark Twain, it was awesome. It changed my life and also started me down the path of reading all the Twain I could find.
Its unlikely that you will find a version of this book to read, but "The Bible According to Mark Twain" is a recently published book that has these writings included.
Here is an excerpt;
We have named it Cain. She caught it while I was up country trapping on the North Shore of the Erie; caught it in the timber a couple of miles from our dug-out - or it might have been four, she isn't certain which. It resembles us in some way, and may be a relation. That is what she thinks, but this is an error, in my judgement. The difference in size warrents the conclusion that is a different and new kind of animal-a fish,perhaps, though when I put it in the water to see, it sank, and she plunged in and snatched it out before there was opportunity for the experiment to determine the matter. I still think it is a fish, but she is indifferent about what it is, and will not let me have it to try. I do not understand this. The coming of the creature seems to have changed her whole nature and made her unreasonable about experiments. She thiks more of it than she does of any of the other animals, but is not able to explain why. Her mind is disordered-everything shows it. Sometimes she carries the fish in her arms half the night when it complains and wants to get to the water. At such times the water comes out of the places in her face that she looks out of, and she pats the fish on the back and makes soft sounds with her mouth to sooth it, and betrays sorrow and solicitude in a hundred ways.

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