Tis the season for Chocolate Geld...

A few things to define before I make my point;

Chocolate Geld is a traditional Jewish Hanakah gift. It's chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil. As Hanakah gets closer it is often left with a tip on the table or in your tip jar.

A huge insult to anyone working for tips is to find Canadian change as a tip. WTF, it useless. What are you trying to say with it? I can't spend it any easier than you can so why pass on you're troubles to me. I work for a living pal...

So here we have some Jewish Canadian Geld from my tip jar, WHAT? I musta pissed someone off. I took it to the bank to try and cash it in for some US Geld, but the International Teller said they don't do that for less than a Gelden Looney. Damnit, I think I only have $.85 in Geld. So then I went to the Canadian Embassy, they told me they don't handle Geld. I would have to go to the Jewish Canadian Embassy. So I caught a cab all the way accross town to the Jewish Canadian Embassy, ran up to the door wit a feeling of relief that this will all be over soon.

There was a sign on the gate;

Closed on Saturdays


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