Category 6 racing maybe be a little dim but its still shining....

Hey everyone,

We're doing a bicycle ride in honor of natures creepiest facial haircut.  This will happen the Saturday after the Stuporbowl.  That's February 10th for those of you who can read calendars. 

Meet at Noon at Freewheel. 

Bring a real or fake or no moustache.

Unlike other drunk fun rides, this ride will suck.  I really don't have much planned.  Maybe a leisurely ride to a few "water" stops and a snowball fight.  I have the back room at the Townhall reserved at 3:00pm for the Awards ceremony.  For those that don't want to ride in the cold you can bring your moustache to the townhall then for some really shitty swag and absolutely no fun. 

Derrick Lewis

Directeur Sportif - Category 6 Racing Squad

"With endurance like the liberty bell..."

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