If you are rich... then your kids probably suck as much as you do...

Do your kids a favor and sell them into slavery. Things like this are not good.

Fantasy Coach $47,000 This carriage promises to make your little princess's dreams come true. Handcrafted of wood and fiberglass, the oval-shaped interior measures just over 6 feet in diameter. Linens and interior options can be added upon request.
Product dimensions: 9'6" L x 5'6"W x 8'H

If you are a real house wife in Orange County then you need to realize your kids are spoiled weenies. They are gonna grow up to be jackasses. Your oldest son is GAY! Your youngest son is about to be gay also, which is fine but he will never be able to adnit it just like his father never did. It's not gay if you call it baseball. Your daughter is a tart and the chances of her not having a cocaine problem are the same as your Prada bag being a fake. No one should get a boob job before they buy their way through high school.

Now a message for the kids; the gangsta rap you listen to in your new BMW has nothing to do with you, opression is as foriegn to you as honesty is to Karl Rove. When you watch "Matlock" and the mean rich guy gets killed and the nice poor guy goes to jail; you are the mean rich guy that is the killer. Don't for a minutte think you get to be the good guy.

Sorry. I woke up on the poor side of the bed today.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You ok Brother? Not that I'm worried, just wonder if I can do anything?
So can I get my Hope's serviced too Doctor?

8:07 PM  
Blogger Tuffy said...

What happens when Daddy walks in on his fifteen year-old high school sophomore princess/tart getting the high hard one in the back of her "fantasy carriage" from the captain of the baseball team?

Sounds like a new Showtime series.

9:49 AM  

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