OK...True story, I swear...

I lost my highschool ring a long time ago. It was a cool ring cause it had a skateboarder on the side. Julie used to wear it a lot. It must of been almost 10years ago that I lost the ring.

So... today I got a message on Myspace from a guy asking me if I lost my highschool ring. I thought it was some kind of a scam at first, but we traded messages back and forth and he was legit.

Turns out that he  worked at the Beaver Area Ice Rink and my ring turned up in the lost and found a long time ago. They were cleaning out the lost and found and he took the ring and tried to look me up, with no luck. (My name was engraved on the inside) A few years later he came across the ring again and Googled my name and then found me on myspace.  Amazing.

I used to ride at Brady's Run all the time and we would park in the lot of the ice rink, I must of lost it then. The guys at BABE no exactly where I am talking about.

There are still good people the world.

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People from the 412 rule.

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