Onward Christian Soldiers....

No one is making a buck off this war, it's a just cause. G-Dub has put the big guy himself in charge of the next 20,000 troops. Georgie is pretty sure that lack of faith is really the cause of this whole "Iraqi" problem. Big J says the main plan is to kill the Muslims (I think he meant to say insurgents) and to find the Holy Grail.
George Bush plans to quit wearing his costume and show his true likeness, since the almighty is now at his right hand he figures he has nothing to hide.

The first order of business is to start construction of a giant Prayer Cannon, this will smash all non-Christians to bits. It will even wipe out Catholics, Jews, immigrants and Gays. This will be helpful because any day now the Republican party will be announcing their recent findings on the insurgent problem.

The word on the street now is that Dick Cheney and Karl Rove now have evidence that supports the long suspected fact that immigrants and Gay people are all Terrorists in a giant sleeper cell waiting to bring down the USA with their dirty bombs.

Jesus will be dawning a new slogan throughout the new campaign in Iraq. Once the Holy Grail is recovered and we have all the oil then it will be safe to start the Rapture. The Rapture is when George Bush plans to start bring troops home from the Middle East.

In an unrelated side note Halliburton will be handling all the logistic issues associated with the Rapture.

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