Surly has a new prototype for 2007

The Endurance mower is sure to be a hit. This is the peak in technology when it comes to 100 mile mowings. Surly will stick to their guns on this one and feature a 73mm bottom bracket shell.
The frame will be offered in two colors, "Rusty Rusty Jones" (pictured) and "Peter Picked a Peck of Peppers Green", both look terrible.
Traditional Endurance Mowing with gas-powered mowers is very damaging to the environement. Lawn mowers and weed trimmers have no emission control, thus they are big polluters; often polluting more per year than the family car. The 20,000,000 small engines sold in the U.S. each year contribute about one tenth of the total U.S. mobile source hydrocarbon emissions, and are the largest single contributor to these non-road emissions.
Surly took a hint from this and launched this new ride, it is yet unamed.

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Blogger Skip Bernet said...

Surly is sending a van full of thugs for you... and your little goat too.

10:30 AM  

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