I am all powerful and I killed a TV to prove it...

Not the "great fun till your friends notice her adam's apple" type but the "Murder She Wrote/ Matlock" type.

My house is a mass of static fields right now. All movement results in an electrical discharge. My cats snap, crackle and pop as they move from room to room. There are socks sticking to everything, bzzzzzZZZTTTT is heard with each footfall.

So the other night I reached out to turn off my television off and pizzzannggggg; a bolt of lightning jumped from my finger and completed the circuit to the "off" switch. The room was lit with a dim blue light just for a split second. Then the on light blinked once and the TV was dead. I had killed it, the corpse is still in the house.

With the discovery of my new mutant abilities, I have turned in my application to the X-men and I hope to be trained in as a super hero by the end of the summer. I applied for the name, "Lightening Boy", it might already be taken.

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