I am an intolerant man...

Damn, part of how I waste my life is I troll the forums on other websites looking for questions I can answer, thus drawing attention to www.Shockspital.com. This is often very painful.

First let me ask you a question, do you go into the coffee shop, step up to the counter and read the menu board trying to figure out what you want? Good, there is nothing wrong with that. While you are making your decision do you hum, grunt or make obnoxious clicky slurpee noises with your mouth? Well that's fucked up, I won't bring it up anymore but I wanted you to know that I notice.

So looking in the forums is very painful. I am a bike snob and I have trouble validating other peoples opinions... generally. But we are talking about a layer of pain far beyond that, we are talking about just total idiots.

Then there is this... (I paraphrased it so as to save you a butt load of time that I already wasted on your behalf.)

You may remember me from other threads like- What kind of bike should I buy? I am horrible at making decisions when it comes to anything and I depend on you, to help me decide. Anyway, here is my quandary: I am the proud owner of a Karate Monkey and am having trouble deciding how to build it.
Please allow me to illustrate what I think my options are and talk a little about each:
1.Build the bike up as a rigid geared trail bike. The pros are: I don't have anything with gears. Cons- Expensive especially with disc brakes, plus I am used to not having to wrench on anything. Plus I already have a 1x1 that is a dedicated trail bike.
2. Build it up as a rigid singlespeed trail bike. This might be cool with the 29'er wheels, but I already have the 1x1.
3. Build it up as a cyclocross/commuter bike with drop bars. I think I would use it a lot this way. It would be fun to have a bike that has somewhat skinny tires and drop bars when I am out raging against the machine during midnight rides. I could go either geared or singlespeed this way. Did I mention I love singlespeeds but think I may miss gears?

DOLT! The Internet is being ruined by you! There are other places to do this, gay chats rooms and your momma's bosom come to mind. Did you really buy a frame and now you are asking the public forum how you should build it up? You are just tedious!

I bet you go from shop to shop and take up 30 mechanics time with this same question. Then you go online, buy the parts, then try and build it yourself and put it all up for sale in the spring. Then you start the whole thing over again.

You should start a blog, then you could post your dumb quandaries all day long like I do and you aren't highjacking an entire forum.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

amen, brother. I see this crap all the time. the guy never bought the frame to begin with.

click on my name for a selfless promotion to my own cause, while we're at it... and then send in your shit to B-Rose for repair - where else would you go?

10:26 AM  
Blogger Tuffy said...

So...you never told me what I should do with my Karate Monkey. WTF?

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shoulda bought a Bianchi!

2:10 PM  

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