Life coaches have become very popular...

  If you decide to go down this path of facilitated enlightenment you need to be very careful on how you select your coach.  You don't wanna get stuck with the wrong kind of coach for your needs.

  Here is an example; for me maybe a French life coach would be best. Having someone that's more passive in my life could help me to relax a bit. The French surrender very well and this is a skill I could use.

  A Klingon might not be a good choice for me. Sure we would get along famously but it is important to view this as a journey of change and improvement. You aren't getting a life coach because you wanna stay who you are right? It's probably cause you have some hang up that makes you think you need someone else to tell you what to do.

  The life coach should embody some of the things you want for yourself. Maybe Pink would be a good life coach for me. She is smart; I wanna be smart. She is totally HOT and I have always wanted to be totally hot. And I would definitely want a life coach that could help me be a better dancer.

   So what kind of life coach should you get, I can't answer that for you. If you wanted someone to help you with direction for your company you might pick someone that comes across as really friendly, you know the kind of person that everyone respects right away, even before you meet them. Someone outgoing and a snappy dresser would certainly fit the bill. You would definitely pick someone with these qualities.

  I would recommend that you not pick someone that is unfriendly and who wears shirts with thread bare colors, this might send the wrong message.

  British, Dutch, these are good choices, Scottish and the homless are not.

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if it's not scottish it's CRAP!

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