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  Fuck the rich. Fuck the environmentally green Oscars. Yeah the Oscars were green, green like cash.  Get over yourselves'. I am not out there saving the world, but then again my networth is pretty low.

  Al Gore, you are a coward! Run you dumbshit, I probably won't vote for you but I doubt you are gonna get a better shot, hell Leo is on your side. You are in vogue with the Hollywood set now. Their money talks, maybe even enough... well... we'll see.

  How about an environmentally poor Oscar's? Maybe we could get rid of the red carpet, and instead of spending $100,000 on a purse and a dress we could put that money where it's needed. How many African's have you adopted this year? Just cough up the cash you skank and maybe your money will do more for Africa than the adoptions do for your PR department.

  Instead of toasting with Champagne, drink water and tell the limo driver to spend the night at the soup kitchen cause you're gonna ride your bike to the Oscars.

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