Today I announce a candidacy!

  The democratic party is now a candidate to be added to the list. You guys are cowards! All the sudden we have more democratic presidential candidates than we know what to do with. You can't swing a dead insurgent without hitting a new Democratic Presidential hopeful.

  You guys better get your act together soon, you are gonna split the vote 10 ways and let the Republicans take it again. Don't fuck this on up! Make the smart play, take your two best options, make one the vice presidential candidate and come out swingin with a strong ticket.

  I can't believe that all the sudden the democrats think 2008 will be a slow pitch softball election so everyone wants to run but when there was a perceived challenge they propped Kerry up as their choice!

  I mean it, don't fuck this one up, my party is notorious for dropping the ball in the 7th inning and stretching out for an agonizing defeat. Get Magnum PI to follow Karl Rove around and get a fucking clue. If you mess around he will kick your ass and we will be broke and saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Chines to President Jeb.

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