Check the key, Check the phone, check the wallet, ok go!

When I was 27yo I got my drivers license. Before that I had nothing. At 19yo I had an apartment key and a bike lock key. Life was simple, I wore my keys on a strap around my wrist.

Daily routine = Check for keys.... good...Go!

When I was 21 I got a cell phone, it was a classic! Then it was ;check for keys, check for phone... Go!

All the while I had one pair of shoes, a turquoise green and a blue Check Taylor and I wore little ankle socks. Tieing my shoes was easy, I just tied a knot in the strings, wahla... good to go.

Now I have many shoes, a job, a business, a slue of keys, a wallet, a bag, a laptop and a pile of tedious other adult type accoutrements.

Check keys (shop and home and Jeep), phone, bag + laptop+ power supply, wallet, glasses... Struggle with socks, pick a pair of shoes, hat, am I forgetting anything?... slowly go.

I am just not cut out for being an adult. A special shout out to my wife who makes it easier for me, without her I would not be able to leave the house.

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