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I am posting this because in the last few weeks working at the coffee shop I have heard some real horrible stories about drivers, accidents and the police. I think the problem is... we don't think it is as bad as it is. We see what happens to us and it get's us fired up, but when we hear the story it loose's it's impact till it happens to us.

Anyway... Zito's ticket got punched last night. These aren't details just a bulletin.


I bring some bad news: Zito got pretty wrecked by a car last night.Details are pretty slim right now, but I'll let you know what I know.  I just talked to Anne West who is with him at the hospital right now.He was hit at Hiawatha and Lake sometime around 3:00 last night.  The driver of course left the scene, but Zito was able to call 911.  The police and EMTs came, he filed a report, and was hauled down to HCMC.  Damage is suspected to be a broken shoulder and elbow (ouch!), and they are investigating possible vertabrae fractures.  He can feel and move his legs, so it doesn't appear that his previous neck injury has been aggravated, but the results are complete yet.  He is on a steady morphine drip and is therefore pretty much out of it.His family will be coming to town soon.  Visits are apparently OK right now ( but as I said he's pretty much sedated right now.

I will let you know more as I find out more. 


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