I just want to let you know...

There are people in this world I don't like. They didn't do anything really, I just don't like them. Let's just put them in the "I don't like the cut of their jib" category.

I don't have to be happy to see you...

I am out of ice...

I do NOT like Bob Dillon.

I love John Waters films.

I don't understand why senior citizens get discounts on everything, they have had twice as much time to raise the money.

It is perfect Moped weather.

The republican party is pulling the wool over our eyes.

I am pissed at Jesus and his laziness.

I drink vinegar

Janeway should have never been made captain.

I would like to buy the Magic Numbers album...

I wish everyday had a Saturday Bluegrass show.

Never trust a cop...

I am out of iced coffee...

I can breathe through my nose.

Get bent!!!

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Blogger cvo said...

ah, get bent...

fucking republican scum..

12:47 PM  
Blogger Lunatic Biker said...

Jesus Christ, I show up one time with no money, lock or cigarettes and now I'm a hated motherfucker.

6:54 AM  

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