The left wing...

  So there I was outside the Wedge Coop and this massive spectacle was unfolding in front of me. Two Subie's were slowly and passively fighting in a non threatening holistic way for a parking space.

  Subie 1 was a new Forester with a very large cage in the back containing two bandana wearing golden retrievers and a bag of Frisbee golf paraphernalia. This was up against a Legacy Wagon that had a Thule case on top coved with "Welstone is Jesus" and "Vote for more Gore" stickers; the dash was covered with feathers, bones and rocks representing all the National park system and a little white oval on the tail gate that simply said, "OBX".

  One would back up and wave the other on, then the other would do the same. Then outa nowhere a new Landrover pulled between them and took the spot, the driver shielding himself from disapproving looks with two cells phones, one on each ear. He got out and crossed Hennipen and disappeared into the Liquor store.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of your better posts, B-Rose. Sorry, no CD from last night - they weren't offering one. I'll get one though, you just wait.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OBX white oval sticker stands for “Outer Banks” Virginia and North Carolina, but most refer to them as Obnoxious stickers.

3:53 PM  
Blogger Luby said...

Holy Shit...sounds like a daily occurance in Boulder!!!!!1

9:13 PM  

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