Medical Mary Jane

  Keep old people out of politics. They will not listen to the voices of anyone but their political party's and the church elders.

  I can't believe that we even need to have a debate about Medical Marijuana, it's not a debate on legalization. The big obstacle is that a new state law would conflict with federal law; Fuck the fed, they are screwing us at a national level. They will do what the insurance companies and the religious right tell them. If dope doesn't increase oil profits then there is no federal interest in it.

Medical Marijuana

  PS   Goathork does not condone the use of pot. But we do support legalization. Its a filthy dirty crutch for the weak, but you should be able to discover that for yourself. And there is nothing inherently wrong with being filthy, dirty, weak or using crutches. Age restrictions rather than prohibition and medical freedom should be the order of the day.

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