A Plame storming session on behalf of Komrade Karl Rove. (or another political rant because the news scares me)

  Putin vs Rove, hmmmmm. I would trust Putin more, he is just a little bit more above board. (please don't kill me Vlad I am not a journalist and I didn't mean it in a bad way). Wouldn't this be a great sight. Komrade Karl taken away in cuffs. I know it will never happen, but it would help me to sleep at night.

  Scooper Libby, you continue to disappoint me. Why are you letting yourself be a scapegoat? This whole house of cards is gonna fall anyway, save yourself. I will respect you for it. A man of your credentials and ability should not go out like this! Think of your wife and kids, the shame the will carry knowing there dad was nothing more than an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill. Karl is laughing at you all the while. This is your chance to finally put an end to his politicking.

  I think the only two things going for us is Jon Stewart and Valerie Plame. Jon because he totally gets it and can see through all the shit and he is doing his best to point the finger at it every weeknight. We are burying ourselves in deep dodo, the news is no longer trust worthy. It's main goal is ratings and revinue. Valerie because she called them out.

  This lady is way hotter than Ollie North.  She totally looks like a trained killer. And I think that she is really gonna stick'n it to'em.  

    This is what I am getting at; Komrade Karl has done nothing less than commit treason. We should settle for nothing less than a charge of treason. I am sure he is not the only one at that level that should share the charge. But he is the most dangerous. When things are this corrupt this far up, we are all screwed. If the "Karl" threat is not neutralized than this will continue to happen. He is to smart to be trusted, sever him from his party if you want to see things change. Cheney and Bush are just his puppets, get the good Komrade out there and the will flee into the darkness like roaches in a cheap Washington hotel room.

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