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  Just incase you wonder, if you hand me a credit card that say's "See ID", "FUCK YOU" is the first thing that run's across my brain. Seriously; what the fuck do I care. Do you think you credit card security means anything to me? If you walk into a subway, order a sanwhich and pay with a credit card do you thing the guy behind the counter cares? Does his minimum wage salary pay him enough to care about your credit card. He should stab you for being so presumptuous. They don't even ask for signatures anymore.

  "See ID" is not the nifty little security feature you think it is. It's asinine. If I asked you to see your ID every time you used your card then you would probably realize how annoying it is and sign your fucking card like an adult.

  IF YOU MUST FOOL YOURself into a false sense of protection by writing "See ID" on your card, then do the right thing. Hand your ID and your credit card to the counter person at the same time. This way you are giving the message "I want to be properly identified" and providing the means to be identified. I would just rather not have to exchange words with you at all, this way I won't have to. Your security is your responsibly, if you aren't willing to pick up the slack no one else should be doing it for you.

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Blogger Tuffy said...

Mine says, "Please see I.D."

You love it because I'm polite.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mine says, "suck my balls... if salty, it's me."

Now suck my balls.

--The nun-lover

1:46 PM  

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