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  1. I called hcmc # 612-873-3000 Chris is in the red building that’s where in emergency room in and he’s on the 4th floor in room 123   Nate
  2. Current Zito update for Saturday March 31st 2007.  

I stopped by HCMC last night and checked in on Zito, he is doing alright, but is obviously in some pain.  Nate was there so we had the injury prone crew on hand to asses the damage and provide some comic relief.  Chris has a busted shoulder, hip and a fractured vertebra;  he had some x-rays when I was down there to make sure that his spine was inline where it should be and he is sporting a pretty sweet He-Man style chest protector.

On the positive side, they are letting him eat and drink, if he wants, so it does not like like he will be having surgery.  Anne said that the doctors haven't mentioned anything else about blood on the brain or seizures so it looks like he is in the clear on that as well.  He is in relatively good spirits, as good as can be expected, and can receive visitors.  I don't know what time visiting ours start, but they end at 8:30pm.  If you do want to stop by  be prepared for a sleeping Zito, they have him on some serious meds and sleep is the best thing for him right now. 

He will probably be in the hospital for a few more days and then on bed rest for a while, 3 months possibly.

His brother Allen got to town yesterday and some other members of his family are coming in today, but he is definitely stoked on visitors so if you can stop by, bring our broken brother some love; he appreciates it.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I am a friend of Zito's from high school. Tell him Tiger hopes he recovers quickly and is thinking of him.



2:39 PM  

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