Al and I ... A story of unrequited love

 Well, it happened yesterday. My "friend request" on Al's myspace page was denied. I was thinking about calling him and asking him why but I don't wanna seem weird.

It's like when you ask the popular girl to the prom and she says NO cause you are a freak. So you follow here around to try and get a chance to talk to her to tell her you aren't weird and let her know how you really feel. Then; through a simple misunderstanding, you get caught in her room by her and her parents wearing her cheerleader uniform posing in front of the mirror. They were supposed to be gone all weekend!!

Anyway, it is hard to tell if it was an official "Al Franken" myspace page, so he could still wanna be my friend. I will still vote for him.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do know that I know where he lives, right? ring-ring.

10:18 PM  

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