Easy E had it right...

  Cops are to cyclists what "Will and Grace" were to gay rights... no help at all, and not funny. This is a quote off the OneonOne blog.

"Last Tuesday I did a little litter pickup at 3:00am off the Hwy. 55/ Hiawatha south bound E Lake St exit. Yep. From our own CSI crew, we have put together a composite of the parts that the physical evidence guy picked up at the scene of the crime. The manufacture numbers on the inside of the plastic debris that we found, produced a match to a mid 1990's black MITSUBISHI MONTERO. That may have been involved in the hit of the fixed gear rider.(go)"

  Here is the deal, if the cops were worth their salt, the OneonOne CSI crew would of never found these parts, because they would already be marked as evidence and sealed away. This is just an illustration on how little the cops care.

  I understand though, police are more interested in beating their wives and stealing cocaine more than getting involved with solving crimes.

  At least OneonOne is on our side.

  Try and prove me wrong, I dare you.

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Blogger Blogstyle said...

What's wrong with stealing cocaine?

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