I love bunnies....


 This R.O.U.S. (rodent of unusual size) come from the Easter capital of the world, Germany. His name is Herr Pontius Pilot and he was hatched from an egg unlike most bunnies that god creates. 

 There are rumors that Korea is training these rabbits as soldiers and pick pockets. These "nuclear" rabbits are being trained in terrorist camps located in Iran, Burbank,CA and other parts of the Middle East. Their blood thirsty demeanor makes them ideal for fighting honest god fearing Americans.

  Ditck Cheney has a theory that these rabbits will be snuck into the USA through the weakened Mexican border in April of 2008. Then the rabbits will take positions at shopping malls and churches around the country in "Easter Petting Zoo's" where they will wait to attack our children!

  I pray to god that the foolish libeling, politicking democrats let the god sent George Bush invade the countries of islamfascist insurgents before they can unleash these bunnies. It is time for the liberal media to start owning up to the fact that North Korea and Al Quieda are all in this together. It is obvious they hate Jesus, why else would they use an animal so closely linked to the resurrection of the savior to destroy our children! 

  And to prove it... these rabbits reproduce by laying eggs created by Homosexual budding! How ungodly!  If these evil plans are aloud to go on unspoiled, Al Quieda will take over and allow abortion and same sex marriage all over our God Blessed United States.

  George please do what ever you need to do to protect us from this threat. Make the Arabs pay for what they did to us on 9/11 and make all the pro-choice people pay also!! Just like the good Rev. Falwell said, it is all their fault that we will suffer from these savage beasts! Let Jesus's love crush our enemies under the wheels of good old American made tanks.

  Let's pray... Jesus Bless George Bush, Dick Cheney, Komerade Karl Rove and all the other angels in heaven. And please save America from the Arabs, the Terrorists, the Gays and all the other Jews plaguing this great nation. Grant me the love to spread the hate needed to crush the liberal pagans and the democrats.

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