I wonder what happens when you run over a bike a few times...

SO this is the bike Zito was hit on, after he was knocked off the bike it was run over two more times by passing cars.  (I stole this from the Surly Blog).

If you were one of the three or more motorists that had contact with this bike on that dark rainy night, I want you to do something terrible to yourself.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fallen Cyclist - 'The Chris Zito story' will be on Channel 4 (WCCO) tonight (April 03) at 10pm.

2:42 PM  
Blogger cvo said...

Man that is one hellava bummer.

tell zito
his brothers in arms down in drinkin lincoln wish you a fast and pain free recovery...

We hope your mutant healing ablity kicks in so you can get back on the bike...soon

hopefull karma kicks in and the guy who hit an ran you got home, and walked into his wife having a three way with the postal carrier dropping off his 07 irs audit... and two huge ugly cops who are there to arrest him for the hit and run....

or I hope the guys dies in a hail of bullets and frozen airline poop fallin on him....

fucking assholes.

10:39 AM  

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