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anarchy in Minneapolis

posted 6/3/07

my buddy Jim's daughter shows up at the door, "ready for the bike ride?"
I-35 W shut down for the weekend due to a "bridge removal" project.
my neighbor & I decide to round up the kids and a couple dads to bike a couple miles of it.  we enter the exit ramp on 46th towards downtown, 18 of us.
we're laughing, riding in all four lanes, enjoying a perfect day of bike riding on the freeway, wave to a couple semis coming to the demo site, wave to a couple DOT trucks, take pictures.
Turn around to head back.  Get just past the 36th st exit & mn hwy patrol shows up..."GET OFF THE FREEWAY NOW!"
well, our exit is 46th st, so naturally we keep going--haha.  they catch on and more intercom..."NO!  TURN AROUND AND GO BACK!"
well, we're closer to our exit, so we keep going but the trooper screams up and skids out in front of our wagon train.  jim, the brains of this operation, goes around the squad car and yells, "WHATAYAGONNADO? TICKET US?"  oops.
</dukesofhazard>, trooper pulls up ahead, cuffs jim, back seat.  i whistle to the others, "ABORT MISSION" and we head back to 36th.  i pow-wow with another guy whose son is up by the squad.  i offer to go up and take care of the kids up there but his son is there so he says he'll go.  plus my boys are skedaddling back so i figure i'll get the group home, bike back and "leave no man behind".
comfort jim's daughter (she's freaked) and assure her that everything is alright, get the crew back home.  one kid goes, "this is the best day of my life!"  haha.
swap cell #'s with another dad to keep tabs on our boy in cuffs, get the chitlins home and i head back to get jim.  by this time, report is they ticketed him and let him go.  we had a mom on the bridge with a camera videoing the whole thing, including the arrest.
cop was cool, they chatted, he could have gotten a felony for "fleeing a police officer" but people were laughing on the bridge and yelling "boooooooooooo" to the cops.  catch-22 for them.  so they figure no harm, ticket, release.
awesome day.  one for the books.

18 Bikes...............................$1800
1 Freeway............................$5.2 million
2 Jackboot Thugs................$36,500 ea.
1 Pair Handcuffs..................$19.95
1 Ticket-Disobeying a cop..$200
Riding bicycles down the middle of I-35 towards downtown going the wrong way screaming "WOOOOOOHOOOOOO"...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you, man.

5:15 PM  
Blogger K. said...

I will never cease to be jealous of this. I will never ever ever ever EVER stop.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish more people would have done it. I was out of town that weekend otherwise I woulda been there with ya'll. Nice job!!! Sorry about the ticket...man I am so bummed that I couldn't have been there...

11:21 PM  

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